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Montpellier Case Study 

Another one of the smaller stores, Montpellier makes a great setting for the Dr Martens brand to be noticed.

The store has a traditional timber façade painted black to match the brand colour, and makes use of the existing features internally such as the existing stone pillars which have been left exposed to help show a contrast of the old and the new.

Montpellier (6).jpg
Montpellier (4).jpg

The rust effect feature wall for the counter area help to complement the natural materials of the existing structure, with the large use of the brand grey colour also tying in with the existing concrete plinth to the store front and the existing stone flags on the high street outside the store.

As well as being a prime location for shoppers, the building that this store sits in also has some historic significance, with the apartments above once being home to Jean Pierre Moulin who was a key member of the French Resistance during World War II, as stated on the plaque that sits above the store.

Montpellier (1).jpg
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